The "Happier Workplace Story"

As we spend more than 8 hours of our day at work, a workplace is like a second home. Over time, our colleagues become our extended family. To infuse some warmth and fun into this equation, Lipton conceived ‘Happier Workplace’ - an initiative to make those many hours at work, happy.

Dubai values happiness, so much that it has a Ministry of Happiness. At Lipton, we believe that tea can spark moments of happiness, play a catalyst to many conversations.

Hence, we’ve started a pilot, bringing you tea solutions for work families and offices of all sizes. These solutions are ergonomically designed to fit your office spaces – both in the pantry and on tabletops. What’s more, they support activities and encourage unity, inspiring happiness.

Discover our tea solutions and brew a Happier Workplace.

About Unilever Food Solutions

We are proud to be part of Unilever, one of the world’s leading suppliers of fast moving consumer goods, with sales in 180 different countries. As the dedicated food service business of Unilever, we lead the industry in providing innovative and high quality, professional food ingredients and services created by 230 professional chefs. Covering 50 cuisines, in 200 million dishes a day.

We outgrow our competition thanks to strong brands such as KNORR, LIPTON and HELLMANN'S, and talented entrepreneurial people working closely with chefs and distributive partners on a daily basis.

Unilever Food Solutions is an inspiring global company made up of talented professionals who are always willing to go the extra mile to deliver results for customers. In this positive and open culture, we find inspiration every day, empowering our people to make a 'bigger difference' at every level in the organisation. We provide products and services created by chefs for chefs and aim to do this in a sustainable way. For more information, please visit